As Biggin Hill is located within a New Zealand Defence Force facility, all visitors are subject to the Defence Regulations 1990 and are on Base Ohakea at the discretion of the Base Commander.

  • All access is via the Ohakea Duty Centre (unless on occasional special occasions entry is provided via the Memorial Gates located before the Duty Centre).
  • All visitors must sign in on entry and ALL VISITORS need to show photo ID
  • FOREIGN NATIONALS need a Foreign Visitor approval from Base Security which needs to be processed 20 days before any visit. Requirements will be detailed when a visit enquiry is made to
  • When a visit is approved to Biggin Hill ONLY, then visitors are required to remain at the Biggin Hill ┬áhangar and are not allowed elsewhere on Base.
  • Photography is permitted INSIDE the hangar. Photography outside is with the prior permission of the RNZAF.
  • Strictly NO ┬áSMOKING within the hangar or on the outside apron or within 10 metres of the hangar in other areas AT ANY TIME
  • The speed limit on Base is strictly 30kms/hr
  • You must wear your Vistors Pass issued by the Duty Centre at all times and return this to either the Duty Centre staff or the collection container by each exit gate
  • Note: Authority to stop vehicles – Armed Forces Establishment Road Traffic By-Laws 1978, paragraph 6, gives authority to stop any vehicle by stating that an authorised person may: Order any person driving any vehicle within the bounds of the establishment to which thew authorised person for the time being belongs, to stop the vehicle to enable the authorised person to ascertain whether its use constitutes a breach of any provisions of these by-laws. In this by-law authorised person means an Officer or NCO of the New Zealand Defence Force, or a security officer or warden engaged by the Crown, in uniform. All visitors need to be aware of this possibility and in turn comply with all instructions30sign